PentaSport Fall 2018 – Playoffs Round 2



Hello everyone!
Weather is getting rainier and rainier so remember to stay safe on the road! Wow, last week we had some reaaaaally close games which add to the excitement of the playoffs! Congrats to all the teams that are moving on! Our playoffs continue tomorrow with basketball, handball, soccer, and dodgeball. With the entire season almost over, we just want to give a shout out to all the volunteers again (league reps, photographers, social helpers). This season would not have been as smooth if it wasn’t for all your help, so here’s a big THANK YOU to you all!

The Year End Social tickets are still on sale! Tickets are $12 and deadline to order BBT is Nov. 27 (tomorrow!).  Buy your tickets here .

Have a good night’s rest and we’ll see you tomorrow!