PentaSport Fall 2018 – Playoffs Round 3



Bonjour everyone!
Sorry for the late email! After 13 weeks, we have finally arrived at our final week of the Fall Season. A big hand to all the teams for making it through the season, and we hope you all enjoyed it! Our championship matchups are all set for each bracket:

Bracket A: “Battle of the BBs” – Bingo Bongos vs. Burning Bush (Volleyball)
Bracket B: “Battle of the Uads” – Sushi Squad vs. Quadzillas (Basketball)
Bracket C: “Battle of the Acronyms” – EZBC vs. BFM (Volleyball)

NOTE: Volleyball games are at ECBC this week. (5110 Marine Dr., Burnaby)

Come check these games out if you have some extra time! Best of luck to these teams!

Today is the LAST day to get social tickets for $12. From then on, it will be $15 each. Also, all BBTs are sold out so there will be no more BBT option, sorry! Buy your tickets here .

Enjoy the rest of your day and we’ll see you tonight!