PentaSport Spring 2019 – Week 9
















Happy Monday everyone,

Thanks to everyone that showed up to the Penta Praise Night. It was such a joy to see so many people come together to worship God in unity. A special thanks to the wonderful praise team for leading us and for Pastor Ryan’s message as well. Hopefully we will have more opportunities in the future to do more of these special events!

Tomorrow we will be playing some volleyball, benchball, and soccer. Make sure to come on time and wear the correct colours.

Run for H20 is coming up! Last year we did a phenomenal job raising money together for this event. Hopefully, this year will be another year where we can surpass our goal again! We hope you’ll encourage your team, friends and family to join in on the run and fundraise together for this great cause. Please visit this link for more info: .

Also…. the PentaSport store is BACK! Check out our awesome merchandise right here: There are a variety of things to choose from. All proceeds will be used to fundraise for the Run for H2O. Deadline for orders are June 3, so make sure your orders are in before that date.

See you all tomorrow!