Committee Members

Anthony Ma  |  President

Anthony feels blessed to have the privilege of leading this powerhouse team. He lives on top of a home daycare with his wife Caitlin and serves as the Outreach Department Head at Lord’s Love Church. As one of the older guys at PentaSport, you might see him hobbling around for a few days after game day.


Caitlin Ma  |  Executive Assistant

Caitlin is a miscellaneous helper of behind the scenes PentaSport related things. Lord’s Love Church is her home church where she met and married her husband Anthony. She is the owner and operator of a little home daycare in Vancouver. For leisure, she likes spending time with family and friends indulging in delicious food, especially ice cream.


Clarissa Lowe  |  League Representatives Manager

Clarissa has been with PentaSport since Season 1. In these eight seasons, Clarissa has played on three different teams (Bingo Bongos, Quadzillas, and Sushi Squad). She is looking forward to another exciting season of PentaSport as the League Representatives Coordinator. If you can’t find her on the court, you can usually spot Clarissa on the sidelines doing some of her signature ugly dance moves. Clarissa is always looking for new moves so come on over and say hi! #PentaSportSkills

Pastor Douglas Wong  |  Spiritual Director 

Doug feels blessed to be part of the PentaSport Committee. Though once considered retiring from rec-league sports, he currently plays on Downtown Nuns. He lives with his wife, Jessica, and son, Cohen, in Vancouver. He also currently serves as the English Ministry Pastor at Lord’s Love Church.


Hosea Cheung  |  Vice President & Communications Manager

Hosea has been part of the PentaSport community since Season 2 as a member of Burning Bush (Tenth Church). He enjoys serving alongside such a passionate committee — who are somehow able to tolerate all his jokes. By day, Hosea works in public relations and communications. He spends the rest of his time with a coffee in hand, while spamming all the WhatsApp group chats that Anthony is also in. 

Julie Huang  |  Social Events Coordinator

Julie has been involved with PentaSport for five seasons now. She played on the Thunder Thighs team but has taken a break to focus on serving as a League Rep. She loves the mission and vision behind PentaSport and wishes to see the league continue to grow over the years. Julie loves the outdoors and gets out every chance she can to hike, camp, kayak and bike … but has some major sports anxiety.

Jackie Yin  |  Digital & Technical Manager

Jackie is a PentaSport veteran, playing in the first 3 seasons on Bingo Bongos. He loves all sorts of games, video games, ice-breaker games, boardgames, but most of all, sports games. His favourite sport is basketball and loves both playing and watching it. Jackie feels very blessed to be part of such a great Christian league and hopes he can play in it until he’s 50 years old.

Jacqueline Ji  |  Treasurer

Jacqueline joined PentaSport wanting to be more active and know more minds alike. It is such a blessing to serve as a committee member and league rep within a community she has developed such love for. She enjoys hanging out with friends, ice-skating, singing in rooms with good echo, and sharing her collection of puns. She loves to meet new people, so come and befriend!

Lovelle Castro  |  Facility Rentals Manager

Lovelle was introduced to PentaSport through Hope City Church, where she played for Straight Outta Bethlehem for 2 seasons. Having Tenth as her home church, she was drafted to Burning Bush — her current team. Lovelle is very blessed and excited to be serving alongside people who are about community building. She enjoys hiking in the summer, snowboarding in the winter, and playing various sports all year round. A fun fact about Lovelle is that she loves turtles!

Ricky Lo  |  Captains Manager

Ricky is the committee rep for the captains, communicating with and for them during the course of the season. Has played for the now defunct LLC team, Toxic Fireballs, and currently attends Tenth Church and plays for Shakers. Wanderlust is in his veins and is always looking to see where he’ll go next! HK Style Café is his comfort food, and if it’s interesting, just remember the camera eats first.

Aaron Lo  |  Social Events Coordinator

Aaron has been playing in PentaSport since Season 3 and volunteering as a league rep since Season 6. He looks forward to serving the Penta community in any capacity possible. When he isn’t on the courts, he can be found rewatching movies and soaking up pop-culture trivia.


Amy Chan  |  League Reps Coordinator

Amy has been a part of the PentaSport community since its 3rd season. She has played several seasons on Hope City’s, Straight Outta Bethlehem, team with her husband, Chris. Teacher by day, workout enthusiast by night, and food snacker all the time. Really though, she works out to eat. She likes sandwiches, snuggies, and dancing happy dances.


Bao Tran  |  Schedule Manager

Bao has been part of the PentaSport community since Season 2 as a member of Burning Bush (Tenth Church). Having grown up playing a variety of sports, he has developed a deep passion for all types of sports and the community that is created. He is grateful to serve alongside an amazing group of people. When he is not “yelling” (encouraging …) and joking around with his teammates, you can find him working hard as a medical device engineer.

Chris Chan  |  Captains Coordinator

Chris has a strong sense of curiosity that results in an insatiable appetite for knowledge and desire for new experiences. Professionally, he deals with big data in the video game industry while moonlighting as a DJ. He joined the Hope City Church PentaSport team, Straight Outta Bethlehem, in their inaugural season (Season 3). Chris wore the ‘C’ for the past few seasons and has led the team to multiple podium finishes.

Incoming committee members:

Gloria Chong  |  Social Events Coordinator

Bio coming soon.


Retired committee members:

Nathanael Tung

Nathanael has been playing in PentaSport ever since its beginning. He served in the committee because he saw how great the community that PentaSport has created and wanted to help to keep improving it. He enjoys being active and playing most sports especially volleyball. He currently works at a job where he sits in front of a computer all day (Electrical Engineering).

Holly Mok

Holly was one of the league reps and committee members for PentaSport. She has been playing part time since the first season and has been part of 3 different Lord’s Love Church teams. She now plays for the Uptown Monks and still suffers from major sports anxiety. She loves to eat, watch musicals and travel. Holly works at St. Paul’s hospital as a Neuro Technologist and looks at brainwaves and nerves all day.

Ryan Lowe

Ryan served as a PentaSport league rep and league rep coordinator. He has played four seasons of PentaSport, most recently with the Thunder Thighs. He loves aviation, hiking, random awkward dancing, and his dog Riley. One of his most prized possessions is his league rep t-shirt and he can often be spotted wearing it even when off duty. The PentaSport community has been good to Ryan and he hopes to be part of this community for years to come.

Tiffany Syyong

Tiffany was one of the PentaSport league reps and committee members. She played on LLC’s Toxic Fireballs in season 2 and on Hope City Church’s Straight Outta Bethlehem in season 3. She and her husband (who periodically makes an appearance) live in suburban Richmond. She is a counsellor by day and a hermit by night. She is usually spotted eating in the SFX gym even though it is forbidden to do so.


Jasiel Jao

Jasiel, whose name rhymes with facial, spatial, racial, and glacial, served as a league rep and committee member. She enjoys dumplings, trees, and doodling, and suffers from a crippling fear of sharks. She is humbled to be a part of this ministry and looks forward to when the Bingo Bongos can make a return for the trophy.



Nathan Tjipta

Nathan (aka “the bald guy”) was the other committee rep for the captains. He has been involved with PentaSport from the beginning, playing for Friends of Tofu of VCEFC. He really likes to eat good food, go fishing, and is probably one of the only Asians who loves country music. BBQs and bonfires are one of his favourite things to do. Life has caused him to become a little less involved in PentaSport as of late but he hopes to be back playing and repping in the near future. He currently lives off Tim Horton’s or McDonald’s coffee.

Queenie Yu

Queenie handled the Social Media aspects of PentaSport (so please like our posts to make her happy!). She grew up at Lord’s Love Church and played on Ice Christ Baby in the Spring ’16 season. Currently studying ECE at Capilano University, Queenie works part-time at Caitlin & Anthony’s home daycare. Evening classes has made her MIA this season but you can still catch her & say hi at Socials!

no-imageWarren Mui

Warren was one of the original members of Burning Bush from Tenth Church and has played in PentaSport since Season 2. He is a lover of all animals, but especially his 7 year old cat Mew. Outside of PentaSport, Warren plays dodgeball, ultimate, and softball. He’s immersed in the non-profit world as he does fundraising for charities in his M-F 9-5 life.