Spirit Point Questions


Weight: 10%

Was the other team ready to play at the scheduled start time?
We had to wait no more than 5 minutes to start because a significant amount of players on the other team were late or weren’t ready. OR the game was affected or delayed by a player wearing the wrong jersey colour.
No, there was a long delay due to the other team.
The game had to be forfeited.
Was the other team able to field a full team as per league regulations?
We had to adjust our roster to cater to their missing players OR they played with one or two fewer players on the court.
No, the game had to be forfeited.


Weight: 30%

Did the other team understand and follow the sports rules, as indicated on the PentaSport website?
They went above and beyond in following the rules and making the right calls with their own team, and with our team.
Yes; there were very minor issues when it came to the rules.
A few players had to be reminded several times regarding specific rule(s), but were willing to learn and adjust their play accordingly.
A few players did not fully understand the rules, and showed resistance in learning or following it — even after the team was made aware of the infractions.
The majority of their team did not understand the rules, and either resisted following the rules (even after it was addressed) or tried to circumvent it.
Were there any disagreements when it came to the rules?
No disagreements came up, because there were no issues.
Minor disagreements came up and were resolved respectfully.
A few disagreements (3+) had to be resolved, but overall, it did not hinder game play.
There were several disagreements with calls and rules but it did not escalate into arguments. Their captains did not act immediately to resolve the situation.
Calls against our team or for their team were not made in good faith, and they consistently disputed calls which hindered game play. Disagreements were heated.


Weight: 30%

How was the other team’s attitude during the game?
They were extremely respectful amongst themselves and towards our team before, during, and after the game.
They were approachable and played with a positive attitude, making it a fun environment.
The game was not affected positively or negatively by the other team’s attitude. It was fine.
They were less approachable and played with a negative attitude, which was noticeable during the game.
They displayed a disrespectful attitude towards themselves or our team, which may have included showboating, or foul or inappropriate language.
Was the other team encouraging?
They went out of their way to encourage us and their own players throughout the game.
There were neither (or very few) encouraging or discouraging remarks voiced by their team.
There were several instances of discouragement towards us and/or their own players.
Was communication between the two teams an issue during the game?
They made extra effort to clarify any confusion or misunderstanding, and communicated politely and peacefully.
The line of communication was opened, and minor conflicts were handled amicably.
Conflicts took up significant gameplay time, and communication was not handled politely and/or peacefully.
Conversations were hostile or needed a league representative to step in to mediate a heated conflict.


Weight: 30%

Did the other team provide a safe playing atmosphere on the court?
They went above and beyond to prioritize safety of players over competitive gains during the game.
There were some aggressive plays, but were mostly accidental or unintentional. They made an effort to avoid plays that could result in injury or conflict.
There were multiple and/or repeated aggressive or dangerous plays, and may have resulted in injury or conflict.
They were reckless throughout the game, with a disregard for player safety on their own team and on ours.
Did the other team take responsibility for unnecessary contact or infractions (physically or with a ball)?
They were honest in their play by proactively calling themselves on physical infractions, and apologized for unnecessary contact (including headshots).
Some minor infractions and contact were not acknowledged by the other team, but did not affect game play.
Infractions were regularly not called or contact was exploited for competitive gain, affecting overall game play and result.
Did the other team put in an effort to play to the best of their abilities?
They displayed a healthy respect for the game and how it is to be played in regards to the league’s Vision. We were impressed!
The game was overall fun and there were healthy competitive moments.
The other team seemed uninterested in sportsmanship, rather focused solely on winning.
The other team seemed uninterested in playing the game and/or did not enjoy being there.
The game was a poor overall experience — in both competitiveness and enjoyment. No effort was made to respect the league as a competition platform.