Spirit Points


Spirit Points is a rating system that allows each team a chance to reward opposing teams for their sportsmanship and spirited play while providing feedback on areas that their opponents can improve on.

Spirit Points are decided as a team, and submitted online by the team captain every week after their game. To truly have PentaSport Spirit, we ask that all teams be honest with their response.

To reflect a better assessment of the other team, the Spirit Point system has been updated. The new system will feature updated questions, a new algorithm, and will now affect the overall point standings. There will also be general questions at the end to allow for further feedback and comments.


The Spirt Point score for the week will be converted to a percentage, called Spirit Points Factor — which will be applied to a team’s Points total. This will result in each team having an overall Adjusted Points total.

SP Factor is calculated by dividing a team’s Spirit Points by 3.

SP Factor % = [ SP / 3 ]

Adjusted Points is calculated by multiplying this factor by the team’s total points.

Adjusted Points = [ Points x SP Factor % ]

EXAMPLE: If a team finishes with 15 points in the standings and has an SP of 3.80, their final Adj Pts = [ 3.80 / 3 ] X 15 = 19 Points.


The Spirit Points Plaque will be awarded to the team with the best Spirit Point score at the end of the season, including the regular season and playoffs. The award puts more weight on Spirit Points accumulated during the playoffs, which will account for 70% of the final Spirit Points score.

Final Spirit Points = [ Regular Season SP X 0.3 ] + [ Playoffs SP X 0.7 ]