Spirit Points

Why Spirit points?

Spirit Points is a rating system that allows each team a chance to reward opposing teams for their sportsmanship and spirited play while providing feedback on areas that their opponents can improve on.

Spirit Points are decided as a team, and submitted online by the team captain every week after their game. To truly have PentaSport Spirit, we ask that all teams be honest with their response.

To better streamline and reflect a better assessment of the other team, the Spirit Point system has been updated. The new system will now be a series of questions that will require captains to answer based on responses that have been derived from our previous rubric system. Depending on the response, a point value will be associated to determine the overall average Spirit Point score.

There will also be a comment section to allow for further clarification or highlights that teams wish to include. To help each team learn and grow, it is highly encouraged that captains provide comments to give accurate feedback.


• Spirit Points will be used as the second tiebreaker in the case there is a tie in the overall standings.
• The team with the most Spirit Points at the end of the season will receive an award!