League Representatives

We’re always looking for volunteers to help as League Representatives! As part of a sports league that continues to grow, League Reps are vital to fostering community, engaging with teams, and providing guidance when needed. As such, League Reps are asked to review the mission and vision of PentaSport in order to effectively represent and reflect the league’s values. Please contact us if you have a heart to help!

Are league reps mandatory from each team?

Each team is required to provide the league with at least TWO players who are able and available to serve as a League Representative. PentaSport is a non-profit organization and a volunteer-based ministry. This means we are dependent upon volunteers to ensure success of the league. Having representatives from each team, and providing each game with adequate support, will boost the quality of play and experience for every participant and competition.

Let’s take this opportunity to unite and serve together!

League Rep Eligibility

  • A heart to serve by helping with the logistical needs of their assigned game.
  • Physically able to lift and set up sports equipment.
  • Able to fulfill the responsibilities and willing to understand and further PentaSport’s vision, mission and values. If the captain is not sure whether a league rep candidate is eligible, please speak with our league rep coordinator.
  • League rep should belong to an existing team. Those who do not belong to a team may still help, but there must be an affiliation to a church.


  • Know Game Rules: Prior to each game please, read over rules — this can be found under the ‘Rules’ section of the website. If needed, please bring a hard copy for yourself to refer to during the game. 
  • Sign up to help for at least three to four sessions in the season.
  • Bring appropriate equipment to facility prior to games and pass on equipment to appropriate person in charge at the end of the night.
  • Care for League Equipment: If you have been put in charge of bringing equipment to the facility, make sure all the items needed are present (check bag when you receive it). Please also ensure the next league rep you pass the equipment on to receives everything. Report anything that is missing or in low supply of immediately to League Rep Coordinator.
  • Arrive Early: Be at the facility at least 15 minutes prior to game start to help set up.
    • Be at the facility 10 minutes prior to game when no set up needed (ie. second game)
    • Ask teams to greet a couple of members from opposing teams. Allow 30 seconds or so.
  • Lead an Opening Prayer (or at your discretion ask one of the team captains/players if they are comfortable to do it) and ask if there are any rule questions 5 minutes before the game so you can start on time. Keep the prayer short, simple, and mindful that there are import/”non-churched” players in attendance.
  • Score Keep: Know which team is Home and Away. Ensure home team wears white shirts and away team wears coloured/dark shirts. Submit scores at the end of night to Score Keeper Manager:
  • Time Keep: Know how long each game should be. They are specified in the game rules. Games with 2 halves will have a 2-3 minute break in between.
    • Yell out the time left in the game to the teams in increments of 15min, 10 min, 5 min, 2 min, 1 min, and then 10 second countdown.
  • Teams should be self-refereeing on a play by play basis but if needed, step in and diffuse during the following situations
    • Rules are clearly being broken or misunderstood
    • You saw clearly what happened and are able to resolve a dispute
    • You notice a a player not on the roster (relay to committee member)
  • Oversee: Ensure teams are practicing good sportsmanship, always keep our mission/vision in mind when making decisions.
  • Injuries: Know where the first aid kit and ice is so you can provide it to injured players
  • Remind Captains to submit spirit points online.

Post Game Take Down: Clean-up/remove any tape, put away school’s equipment, pack up any PentaSport equipment. Make sure facility looks the same as when you came (VERY IMPORTANT as we’ve been very lucky to be able to rent the facilities we currently have and want to keep it that way)

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