Truth and Reconciliation

Truth and Reconciliation Committee of PentaSport Ministries

Mission: To provide opportunities for PentaSport Ministries to actively participate in the TRC Calls to Action, to love and support our Indigenous neighbours

Vision: To be the bridge between the Church and the local Indigenous communities.

The Truth and Reconciliation Committee of PentaSport Ministries consists of a group of individuals who are committed to providing opportunities for the league to learn about and love the Indigenous communities around us. We strive to work with local organizations and individuals who are of Indigenous background and/or have a deep understanding of the Indigenous culture.

We want to acknowledge that PentaSport Ministries exists to provides a platform for Christian churches and those in the community to compete through recreation, to build a community through sport, and to help those in need (PentaSport Ministries Mission Statement is found at PentaSport Ministries is made up of multiple churches throughout Metro Vancouver led by an organizing committee and Board of Directors. Being a part of the Christian community, we are aware of the complex history between the Church and Indigenous Peoples. We are aware that we have much to learn and much to do in our steps towards reconciliation with the people on whose land we live and play sports. It is our hope that PentaSport Ministries will actively participate in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Actions to love and support our Indigenous neighbours. We also hope that as a Christian ministry, we can inspire individuals who are connected to our league to continue the work of truth and reconciliation in their churches. We want to be a bridge between the Church and the local Indigenous communities around us.

The Truth and Reconciliation Committee acknowledges that the learning, relearning, and unlearning around Indigenous People’s history and issues will be a lifelong process. It is not something we can just check off a list. As a result, we may do things that are smaller in scale, and slower in pace. For example, we will not live stream or record any workshops (unless health protocols are restricting us otherwise) because we want to honour the space and learning that goes on during an in-person event.

Upcoming PentaSport Truth and Reconciliation events:
Truth and Reconciliation Education Workshop PT.4
More details to come.