PentaSport Spring 2019 – Playoffs Week 1













Hi everyone!
Hope everyone had a great week and are ready for some playoff action! First off, let’s congratulate Downtown Nuns on finishing at the top of the league for the regular season! Not an easy feat to accomplish. Please look carefully at the brackets and take note which sport you’re playing, and where and when your game is at. Reminder that Spirit Points are still in effect during the playoffs so let’s continue to display good sportsmanship and have fun with each other. Even if you lose your first round of playoffs, you will still be scheduled for games the next 2 weeks, so make sure to come out to those.

Run for H2O is coming soon! Have you joined a team yet? If not, join one and run with us on June 15th! We hope you’ll encourage your team, friends and family to join in on the run and fundraise together for this great cause. Please visit this link for more info: .

The PentaSport store is still open! Check out our awesome merchandise right here: There are a variety of things to choose from. All proceeds will be used to fundraise for the Run for H2O. Deadline for orders are June 3, so make sure your orders are in before that date.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow!