PentaSport Spring 2019 – Week 1


Hi everyone,
The Committee would like to welcome you all to Season 9 of PentaSport! We would like to give a special welcome to a bunch of new churches to the league, Tapestry Marpole, Father’s House Church, Vancouver Chinese Baptist Church, and New Life Community Church. Welcome to the Penta family!

Thank you to all the captains and league reps that made it out to the meeting. It was great to see some old faces and new ones as well!

Just like the beginning of every season, we would like to remind you the mission and vision of this league:

MISSION: To provide a platform for Christian churches and those in the community to compete through recreation, to build relationships through sport, and to help those in need.

VISION: To cultivate unity and transform communities.

Let’s work together and strive towards these things as the season goes on.

This season we’ll be playing benchball, soccer, handball, volleyball, and a new sport, ultimate. Some things to keep in mind during the season:

  • Please be sure to check the time and LOCATION of your game. We stress the location part because there are quite a few venues being used and we don’t want you to go to the wrong one.
  • Make sure you are wearing the correct colour (white or dark). Incorrect colours worn may result in a lower spirit point!
  • Try to arrive 15 minutes earlier so that the transition to the next game will be smooth and we can start on time.
  • There’s no eating in any of the gyms.
  • Captains please submit an online spirit point form after your game for the opposing team(s) within 3 days.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the rules for each sport (especially ultimate). If you have questions on any of the rules, please let us know.
  • League reps are there to help set up and facilitate the games. They are not REFEREES. All games are self-reffed so make sure you know the rules and don’t be shy to call teams out when a rule is broken.
  • A player must play at least 3 regular season games to be eligible for playoffs.
  • Teams have 2 weeks from the beginning of the season to make any minor changes to their roster.
  • Saint Francis Xavier location: Do not park in the parkade. They put the chain up at night and your car may be stuck inside.
  • Eric Hamber Field: Cleats are NOT allowed on their field. Please keep that in mind if you are playing ultimate at this location.
  • Most important rule: Have fun!

Be sure to take advantage of our PentaSport membership cards that will grant you discounts at certain places. Your captain should have been given a few of these. See here for a list of places you can use the card at . We want to encourage teams to not only bond during your games, but also outside of them, so what better way than to do it through food! Hopefully, these will be an incentive for you all to hang out with your team and perhaps with other teams as well.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the committee members or send us an email. We are looking forward to seeing you all on the court or field tomorrow!

Have a good rest of the day!