PentaSport Spring 2019 – Week 3













Hello everyone!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Teams are now required to bring a coconut to each game. Before each game, both teams will compete to see who can break open their coconut first. First team to do so will get a 3 point lead. Failure in bringing a coconut will result in a forfeit……..  Just kidding, April Fool’s.

Hope you’re all enjoying the beautiful weather outside! We are cruising along the season and now into our 3rd week. Make sure you check out the awesome photos from our photographers on our Facebook page. There’s some pretty great action shots! Also, an early thank you to all the league reps that have been helping out, you’re all doing a tremendous job so far. As we have mentioned in the past, the league cannot run without you league reps, so thank you!

The sports that will be played this week are benchball, volleyball, and soccer. A reminder to captains to please submit your spirit points form within 3-4 days from your game. Don’t make Ricky chase you down!! Social tickets will also be on sale soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Have a great Monday everyone!