PentaSport Spring 2019 – Week 8


















Hi everyone,
Hope everyone is all rested up and ready for some more PentaSport tomorrow! Tomorrow’s games will be ultimate, benchball, and soccer. Make sure to check out the photos from last week, there are some great photos (thank you photographers!).

Interchurch worship night is happening THIS Friday, May 10 @ Vancouver Chinese Alliance Church 7 pm. Be sure to invite all your friends out for for this special night. Music will be led by our very own Penta Worship team formed by various players in the league. Visit the Facebook link for all the details: Mark it on your calendar! Don’t miss out!

Run for H20 is also coming up! Last year we did a phenomenal job raising money together for this event. Hopefully, this year will be another year where we can surpass our goal again! We hope you’ll encourage your team, friends and family to join in on the run and fundraise together for this great cause. Please visit this link for more info: .

Have a great day and see you tomorrow!