PentaSport Spring 2020 – Season Cancelled

Hi everyone,

Much has changed since the last time we made our announcement to postpone the start of PentaSport Season 11. We have held multiple discussions with our Organizing Committee and Board of Directors on steps to proceeding, we have spent time individually and together in prayer, and we have intently listened to our local, provincial, and federal leaders during these uncertain times.

In light of recent updates and restrictions, PentaSport Ministries will be cancelling the Spring 2020 Season.

To join our community in “flattening the curve” of the spread of coronavirus in B.C., we now feel it is critical to promote social distancing and to not proceed with the season. We also do not want to place our captains, players, and churches in a difficult and vulnerable spot in deciding between their health versus playing sports. We are not doing this out of fear or anxiety, but out of care and love.

While it is unfortunate given the continual growth of our league and the hard work already put in by our committee, we know this is the right decision to make. We hope that teams find ways to continue uplifting each other and connecting through group chats, virtual gatherings, or other initiatives to remain engaged. Just because the season is unfolding differently than anticipated, it doesn’t take away PentaSport’s mission and vision. Let’s be creative and let’s stay UNITED in these challenging times.


While the situation remains fluid, we will continue exploring options for one-off sports day events, tournaments, praise nights, game nights, and serving opportunities potentially in the summer months.


In God’s Kingdom, nothing ever goes to waste. In this time of uncertainty, we’re reminded of the frailty which comes from our humanity, and our need for control. However, God ultimately is in control and He is above all things. According to His timing, providence and sovereignty, new opportunities and fresh beginnings will come for the league. After all, that is also how it begun 10 seasons ago.

During this time, let us all the more put our trust in God – who is with us and for us. Let us put our hope in Jesus – who is enough, our Solid Rock and Prince of Peace. Let us be filled with the Holy Spirit – who gives us strength and power. Let us rise up to the Church God is calling us to be.

Please also join us in praying for our leaders as we navigate through this extraordinary time, our churches, city and everyone who is affected in the world.


– PentaSport Committee